Amani’s Journey Fighting for Freedom From Sickle Cell Disease
Her Journey is Our Journey
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Hi, my name is Amani Walker and I am a beautiful, smart, and  fun-loving little girl who is battling a horrible  disease. On April 5th, God allowed me to enter the world to bless my parents, Erica Walker and Adrian Sasser  with the gift of my life. Unfortunately, I was born with Sickle Cell Disease (HbSS).   It seems like I am always told “no” when I want to do something. However, I try to have as much fun as  possible. WHENEVER I CAN! I love making new friends! If you ask anyone what I love to do...I am sure they  would say, “sing!!!” Yes, I love to sing and Dance! Currently, I am in the 7th grade and have the best class to  start my day...MUSIC! However, I am not that I miss a lot of school due to Sickle Cell. Well...I missed 2 weeks  of school in September because I went to HAWAII!!!!  Just another great thing about’s where my  friends are!   Can I tell you that having Sickle Cell sucks! There are many things that I am unable to due - My mom says,  “It’s to protect me.” However, she’s old and don’t like to have fun. In the summer, I am only allowed to go to  indoor pools to protect me from the heat. Oh, I forgot to mention I have really bad asthma too! I can only stay  in the pool for a little bit. Because, if I stay in too long I will get really cold and could have a pain crisis. In the  spring and fall is when I get the sickest and have to go to the hospital a lot! My mom says, it’s because my  body have a hard time adjusting to the temperature changes. In the winter, I can’t play outside because it’s too  cold and my mom don’t want me to get sick. My mother made me wear a mask all the time when I was  younger! If you have a cold and I had to be around you...guess what? I had to wear a mask! If, I am on the  bus/train and you are coughing and stuff! Guess what? I had to wear a mask! If, I am catching a cold and have  to go to school...guess what? I HAD TO WEAR A MASK! If, I go to the hospital and I am or have been sick  within 5 days of my visit...guess what!?! I HAVE TO WEAR A MASK! I GET TIRED OF WEARING MASK! I HATE  HAVING SICKLE CELL DISEASE! I JUST WANNA BE SICKLE CELL FREE! Living with Sickle Cell is not easy. Every month, I have to get a blood transfusion. This has been happening  every month of my life since I was 4 or 5-years-old. Can you imagine getting stuck all the times with needles?  Well, I am lucky to have a Vortex Port which allows me to receive my blood and not get stuck as much!   Up until 2015, I was waiting to receive a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, the oncologist determined that  my match was not the best and it was likely that I would reject the transplant. I think God knew that I really  didn’t want to go through all of that! A bone marrow transplant is the only known cure of Sickle Cell. However, I  am Well and living my life!  God Bless You, Amani
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